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KKCSI build useful and fast loading Websites, hosting it at our Secured Web Hosting servers and use our Cyber Security skills and knowledges to protect your websites, databases, emails and important data.

If your website hacked by others, emails always infected by malwares and viruses. Contact us for a FREE Penetration Test. Means, we can do a simple analysis on your website, your existing hosting server and give you some advises.

If you want to change hosting to us. We will help you migrate everything. Free of Charge.

KKCSI 构建有用且加载速度快的网站,将其托管在我们的安全虚拟主机服务器上,并使用我们的网络安全技能和知识来保护您的网站、数据库、电子邮件和重要数据。



Why Choose KKCSI

为什么选择 KKCSI

Cheapest Cloud Email

Cloud Email Solution

KKCSI respect clients' privacy and confidential. We encourage our clients to take our Cloud Email Solution, it is a good way to help to protect your email privacy. Other Web Hosting companies may keep on asking you to upgrade to more Disk Space when your email accounts growing. We try to help our clients to save cost.



KKCSI 尊重客户的隐私和机密。我们鼓励我们的客户采用我们的云电子邮件解决方案,这是帮助保护您的电子邮件隐私的好方法。当您的电子邮件帐户增长时,其他 Web 托管公司可能会不断要求您升级到更多磁盘空间。我们努力帮助我们的客户节省成本。

Our Clients


We have been in the web design and web hosting business for more than 20 years. Below are some of our prestige clients.
我们从事网页设计和网络托管业务已有 20 多年的历史。以下是我们的一些知名客户。

KK Cyber Security Inc.
KKCSI based in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia.
KKCSI 总部位于马来西亚 沙巴州 亚庇市。
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